Monday 10 Dec 2018

Guide for Firearms ID Cards / Permit to Purchase


First Time Purchasers:

Fill out Application for Firearms Purchaser ID card and Consent for Mental Health Records search which are available on the NJ State Police Website ( ) or you may go to the borough website for the link ( and click on the police tab. 

Bring application to the Gibbsboro Police Department, in which a case number will be provided to you in which you will then be given information on getting fingerprinted with MorphoTrak. 

Costs are as follows: 

$5.00 cash or check to the Borough of Gibbsboro for the ID card. 

$2.00 cash or check to the Borough of Gibbsboro for each permit to purchase. 

Positive form of identification is required.

If you already had an ID card before:

 If you already have an S.B.I. number and we have a firearms folder for you, please follow the below listed instructions: 

• Provide your applicant with your nine digit Originating Agency Identification Number (ORI).

ORI number: NJ0041300 

• Instruct your applicant to log on to

and click on the ON LINE FORM 212A , a highlighted block located on the lower left side of the page. 

• The applicant will follow the prompts for demographic and payment information. 

• Upon completion of the form the applicant will receive an email Confirmation & Receipt that will include a confirmation number. 

• At this time the request will be forwarded to the Police Department’s work queue for approval and submission to the NJ State Police for processing. 

• The applicant can find more detailed information by clicking on the Help Tab, located on the top right side of the page.

To ensure that all forms and payments are correct please call 856-783-0151 to make an appointment.