Tuesday 07 Feb 2023
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Map of Historic District

Frequently asked questions

Ø      What is historic preservation?  Historic preservation is our community’s effort to save its cultural and architectural heritage.

Ø      When did Gibbsboro start its historic preservation efforts?  In the late 1980s residents came together to stop the planned demolition of the remaining smokestacks at the Paint Works Corporate Center.  These stacks, which have become a symbol of the borough’s past, were some of the last remaining evidence of the town’s industrial past.  Following that grassroots effort the Gibbsboro Borough Council created the Historic Preservation Commission in 1989.  The commission, working with the council, the borough’s planner, engineer and solicitor, wrote the historic preservation ordinance, which was adopted by the council in 1991.

Ø      Why do we need an historic preservation ordinance?  Without the ordinance there would be no legal authority to enforce the community’s desire to protect its history.

 Ø      What does the Historic Preservation Commission do?  The Gibbsboro HPC is an advisory commission to the Gibbsboro Planning Board.  The Commission reviews applications for new construction and exterior renovations of buildings that are located within the historic district.  The Commission then passes on its recommendation to the Planning Board, which makes the final decision.
Ø      Where is the Gibbsboro historic district located?  The historic district is laid out like the spokes on a wheel, with the center being the Paint Works and the spokes being Berlin Road, Clementon Road, Haddon Avenue, Kirkwood Road and United States Avenue.  A map of the entire district is available at www.gibbsborotownhall.com.  To find out if your home or business is located in the historic district please contact the Commission by calling Borough Hall at 783-6655.
Ø      What do I do if I live in the district and want to make changes to my home?  The first thing to do is pick up an application for a certificate of appropriateness at Gibbsboro Borough Hall during regular business hours or by going to www.gibbsborotownhall.com.  Follow the instructions on the application form.  Submit the completed application along with the required supporting materials, such as drawings, to the Borough Clerk two weeks prior to the next Commission meeting.  The Commission will then review your application and send its recommendation to the Planning Board.  That’s it!