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Home Improvement Program Brochure

The  purpose of the HIP is to preserve
Camden County's housing stock
by upgrading single family dwelling units.



Update September 2022




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Animal Control Services - Independent Animal Care Services LLC. Our new website, iacsnj.com. This new site will be able to better direct your residents on what to do in any situation involving an animal. The site is linked to all the shelters in the county and should be a valuable resource for residents that may have lost or found a pet, or may have questions about their municipal animal control service.

Animal Bite Form
(Posted 1/25/17)



Info About NJ's Hardest Hit Fund
by NJ Housing Mortgage and Finance Agency
(posted 12/2/16)




Hazard Mitigation Plan
(December 2014)

As part of the ongoing update of the Camden County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan, a Preliminary Municipal Index is available for review that addresses natural hazars mitigation issues for our community. The Preliminary Municipal Index can be downloaded from http://nj4hmp.com by clicking on "Camden County" and then clicking on "Borough of "Gibbsboro". Comments can be submitted via the "Contact Us" page on the website. However, please note that comments must be submitted no later than Friday, January 9, 2015.




 Summer Grilling Safety
By NJ Dept. Community Affairs



Gibbsboro Code
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Pay to Play Notice 



 Pet Waste Flyer



The Borough's Public Works staff reminds you to think of our children's safety when putting refrigerators out for pick-up. Refrigerator doors MUST BE REMOVED. Refrigerators which still have the doors intact are a suffocation hazard to curious children. Please play it safe and always remove the door from refrigerators when you are placing them curbside.




Motorized vehicles, including ATVs, are prohibited from the bike trails and hiking trails in Gibbsboro. There have been reports of damage to the trails and bikers and hikers being run off the trails. The Gibbsboro Police are patrolling both the bike and hiking trails and anyone caught on a motorized vehicle will be cited.




WHO IS ELIGIBLE?-------------Owner-occupants of single family homes who meet the household size and income limits as published annually by the Department of Housing & Urban Development Section 8 Income Limits. HOUSEHOLD SIZE AND INCOME--------The HIP Prog ram is funded with a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) loan provided by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The federal regulations for this loan require that the assistance offered under this program benefit "low and moderate income households". This means that the income of ALL household members is considered in determining eligibility. A, The house o a sint 0S""defined as....all occupants of the household. B. Household income is defined as the total income of all householdmembers (except children under age 18 or full time students).C. Homeowners must have residence for a minimum of 12 months beforethey can apply to the program for assistance.1) Annual household income is based on the gross income from allsources for all household members, excluding those mentioned above,for the most recent year for which a US Internal Revenue Service Form1040 is available. In addition, all current income must be documentedto fulfill eligibility requirements.2) Annual household income shall include:a) The gross amount of all wages, salaries, recurrent overtime,commissions, fees, capital gains, tips and bonuses;b) Interest and dividends;c) The full amount of recurrent periodic payments received fromSocial Security, pensions or other similar annuities;d) Periodic public assistance payments, alimony, child support,and any other payments or contributions which are received on arecurrent basis and which may be reasonably expected to continue.HOUSEHOLD HOUSEHOLD HOUSEHOLD HOUSEHOLD SIZE INCOME SIZE INCOME 1 $52,950 5 $81,650 2 $60,500 6 $87,700 3 $68,050 7 $93,750 4 $75,600 8 $99,800 WHAT KIND OF REPAIRS CAN BE MADE? ----------i The purpose of the HIP is to preserve Camden County's housing stock by upgrading single family dwelling units

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